Jason Parks - CEO

Jason is our fearless leader at ROTU and holds the position of CEO. With his knowledge in video gaming and his experience working as an award-winning producer for live performances, visual media, documentaries, and virtual reality content, Jason is a unique voice in the VR/AR community, and we like having him around. In fact, he’d be a great person to be stranded on a desert island with due to his impressive skills in Brazilian jujitsu and love for the outdoors.

Emir - Creative Director

Emir is the creative mind behind all things ROTU. Hailing from Turkey as a natural-born musician/composer, he attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston where he assembled a team of warriors to help conquer some of his artistic endeavors. Emir continues to dazzle us daily with his sense of humor and unique perspective on life.

Kati Salowsky - Administrative Director

Thanks to the powers of the Universe (and her Boston ties), Kati was introduced to ROTU in early 2018.  Her love of the creative arts along with her experience as an actress/producer has led her knee-deep into the gaming industry. Along with utilizing her admin skills, Kati lends her voice to help animate some of the game characters as a voice-over artist. Heading to Ionia? Kati will happily be your tour guide (hint hint).

Charles Logan - Art Director

Charles...er, Charlie...is a Visual Development Artist with a passion for music, movies and comic books. Having worked on titles such as Yobi: The Dream, City of Titans and Rhythm of the Universe, he is skilled in art direction and visualization, along with making expert use of the coffee machine! Cheers to Charlie!

Cesar Suarez - Audio Director

Cesar is an Ecuadorian born producer, composer & sound designer for films and games. He has produced film scores for films such as The Chain (2013), Against the Jab (2014),  & Rule of Thumb (2018) and created sound design & voice over production for game titles like Sol Contingency (PC), Underworld Overlord (Otherside Entertainment), & most recently released Underworld Ascendant (Otherside Entertainment/505 games). All hail Cesar!

Michael Hoag - UE Developer

Mike turns seemingly impossible ideas into a working reality at ROTU. He handles the bulk of the technical work of producing VR experiences for Unreal Engine 4 and for that, we are oh so grateful.  He leads the development and implementation of core systems and works on materials, environments, visual effects and creature rigging. Mike has been working on game development as a hobby for over 20 years and was a lead developer for Sol Contingency and Battlefield Pirates 2

Francis Jones - 3D Artist

Originally from Baltimore Maryland, Francis (known as Frank to us) has traveled the world. He uses these travels and experiences to aid in his creative process. He created Promethean Studio 1 in 2009 and has been blessed to do that which he loves since. This love includes fancy cars and the gym.  His work has most recently been featured on ESPN2 and the Disney Channel...and of course, in ROTU.

Jamie Gibson - 3D Artist

Born in England, Jamie has been a professional artist for over 20 years. Starting out as a comic book illustrator, he began working in digital media and has a Bachelor's Degree in Multimedia Design. He has done work for major corporations, such as AMD, Nvidia, Capcom, Konami, UbiSoft, Guidant and Medicare across a variety of industries. His work is fast and clean with extreme attention to detail (we love that about him) and is most recently featured on ESPN2. Jamie has a high level of experience and is a traditional illustrator, an excellent modeler, texture artist, and a fantastic animator. We like to brag about him a bit.

Braulio FG - 3D Artist

Braulio FG, also known as Brav, is a 3D artist from Costa Rica. Brav specializes in characters for real-time rendering and motion capture. His work is AH-mazing. He has recently worked on IpSoft´s digital human “Amelia;” worked on the cinematic trailer for the “Space Company Simulator” developed by polish studio RealTime Warriors, and he created several real-time characters for a virtual exhibition fight developed by Hyperreality Inc. Fancy. Besides being the lead character artist at ROTU, Brav is also directing a real-time cinematic based on the ancient folklore of Costa Rica that involves motion capture and 3D scanning.

Thomas Djalloul - 3D Artist

Hailing from the south of France, Thomas Djalloul works one of ROTU’s 3D environment artists. We enjoy listening to his accent during our meetings as he shares his amazing creations with the team. Thomas loves his work and creating colorful, dramatic, beautiful environments and claims that he’ always learning something new. 

Joshua Cohen - Marketing Coordinator

Josh is the face behind all of the newsletters & fun social media content at ROTU. He’s a results-driven project manager, business developer, and creative...and he’s all around awesome.  He grew up playing guitar, drums, and piano in bands, but followed his love of film and game music to Berklee College of Music where he studied film scoring, composition, and video game scoring. Josh has worked alongside Hollywood composer Mario Grigorov. Outside of ROTU, Josh works as the lead composer and sound designer at Darkraven Games, creating custom audio packages for million-dollar board games.

AK Liesenfeld - Concept Artist

AK started working with ROTU in 2016 as a concept artist. She was most inspired by the passion and strong sense of mission of the team. Her background is in Fashion Design, and she is currently finishing her Bachelor's degree in Business of Creative Enterprises at Emerson College. Her hopes with working for ROTU is to help make it into the best VR experience anyone has ever seen. With her fashionista eye, she’s definitely doing just that!

Matthew Ho - Finance Director

We refer to Matt as the Lord of Finance, for all shall hand him their money and worship the calculators that he hath touched. His Excel spreadsheets are works that transcend the heavens themselves. It would bring any account to tears from seeing how beautiful they are! On the side, Matt enjoys water sports and dumplings.