the universal language of music

ROTU invites you to immerse yourself in the adventure of a lifetime through the unique perspective of music, mythology, and history.  In this ultimate interactive storytelling experience, feel the power of music like never before as you explore vivid landscapes, magnetic characters, and dynamic worlds generated through global rhythms that pulse before your very eyes.

Rhythm of the Universe: Ionia

This 15 minute VR game is tailor made for location based entertainment. Learn about the Terachords, drum with the Dorian empire, and save the majestic Harpa.



Rhythm of the Universe: Lydia

Continue your journey in the land of Pangea. This 15 minute VR game will take you into the depths of the ocean to unlock the mysteries of Lydia. 

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Free Demo

Try what everyone is talking about. This free demo gives you a sneak peak into the Rhythm of the Universe.



Location Based Entertainment

Are you a LBE owner interested in the next big VR game? We have a flexible subscription plan to fit any location. 

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